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Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to avoid strains and pains

There aare many things more dangerous than sitting at a computer. Coal mining, skydiving, and bullfighting immediately spring to mind. But juat because computers are relatively safe, that doesn't mean risks involed.       Carpal tunnel syndrome, eyestrain, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and fatigue are just some of the problems associated with computer use.   Thats why its important to set-up and use your computer ergonomically.This simple means your working conditions and your body are not at odds.  Here are some ways to avoid strains, pains,and other discomforts while computing  position your monitor.  While sitting at your computer, close your eyes and imagine you are looking straight ahead.  Now open them and notice the first thing you see. This is your line of vision. The center of your screen should be                          4 to 9 inches below this line.        Take care of your chair.  Proper posture helps solve most computer related problems, and your  chair is the key to proper posture. Make sure your chair is high enough. Your knees should be lined up with your hips while your fet stay planted on the floor.   Don't sit on the edge of your seat.  Your back has no support and you'll start to slump.  When your hips are against the back of your chair, you should be able to fit three fingers between the back of your knees and the edge of your seat. If you can't try another chair.      If your chair tilts, lean back slightly. If it doesn;t adjust your back support so you can  sit at a slight backward angle...    These tips will be helpful..                                                                                                                                                    Be Sure to Leave Your Comments! Also be sure to subscribe to my feeds and Follow Me on Googles Friends connection Recommend @lilruth to @MrTweet on Twitter....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blogging Tips - Get downloads down pat

    Keep these ideas in mind as you download.  Some sites ask you to pick the area you want to download your file from. Choose the location closest to you.      After you click to download the file,always choose SAVE FILE TO DISK. Be sure to note the disk and directory where you save it.  You'll need that information to use the file.    Once the download starts, you may see a dialog box counting how much time you have left until the download finishes.                                                                                                                                         Download times can range from a few seconds for a small file to hours for a jumbo-sized file. The speed of the download also depends on your modem speed, internet traffic levels,and the speed of the computer sending the download. Waitiing for large software programs to download can be frustrating, Fortunately, technology has found a way to make things easier. Special software can compress the files to make them smaller without losiiiiing a bit of essential information. Its like a technological trash compactor, except the files can be returned to their original shape... The  compresses file called a zip file uses the same special software to get decompressed or "unzipped".............. You can choose PKzip or Winzip software to handle this task. Check your PROGRAMS menu to see if one of theseis already on your computer...If you don't see it, Use Windows FIND utility to track down PKzip or Winzip files. You can get Winzip from or PKzip from Each program offers a demo version so you can use it for free trial period.   You don't even need to worry about how to unzip the PKzip or Winzip file after you download it. The installation process will do that for you..                                                                                                                                                              Be Sure to Leave Your Comments! Also be sure to subscribe to my feeds // and Follow Me on Googles Friends connection Recommend @lilruth to @MrTweet on Twitter...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Put your computer to sleep

    You don't have to shut down your computer every time you step away from it. That would get tiresome. An alternative to shutting down is putting your computer in stand-by or sleep mode. When its in sleep mode, your computer rests until you wake it up again. This saves energy for desktop computers and battery power for laptops.. To triger sleep mode, you can go through the START menu, just as you would to shut down. Click on SHUT DOWN, then when the box pops up, click the option box next to SLEEP instead of SHUT DOWN..     Or you can simply walk away from your desk. After a certain amount of time, the computer will put itself to sleep. The monitor will go blank, but you won't lose what's on your screen. When you come back to your desk, press any key or jiggle your mouse, and your computer will wake up refreshed and ready to go...                                                                                                                                                            Be Sure to Leave Your Comments! Also be sure to subscribe to my feeds and Follow Me on Googles Friends connection Recommend @lilruth to @MrTweet on Twitter....My computer finally broke down and this is why I have not been blogging lately so Im borrowing this one. I hope you all will give me your support and send in your donations so that I can at LEAST  get a used computer. Your kind help is truly welcomed. Be sure to adgize my ads  and thank you...Lilyruth

Saturday, January 29, 2011

What is Viral Marketing?


There are all of these “hottest things going” right now. Okay, so I know about Social Websites and Social Networking – now here’s another one: What the heck is “Viral” marketing?

In a nutshell, viral marketing is a marketing technique that spreads information by “word-of-mouth”. In business, the message is sent out to make websites and users pass the message on to other websites and users -and the message creates potential growth due to its effect and visibility. Thus, if a business gets their message out there and people like it, they’ll tell their friends, who will tell their friends, and this can end up being hugely profitable for the business. As an advertising tool you can’t get anything cheaper.

One of the very first hugely-successful viral marketing campaigns is about one of the first free Web-based e-mail services – Hotmail. Think about the product (free e-mail and other services), the way to promote it (put a small banner at the bottom of every free message that is sent out that says “free e-mail at"), and then think about all of the people that received this free message who then e-mailed all of the people on their network who saw the banner and signed up for the free e-mail program, and kept it going by sending the message on to yet another group of friends…
Or let’s say you want to promote your product and reading about it is the best way to get a handle on it, so you send and give out free e-books about your product.

YouTube is becoming fast becoming a great way to do viral marketing. You promote your product on a video - without being boring or coming off as a know-it-all and maybe add a little humor – and voila! The people seeing it that like it will “share” it with their friends and subscribers and you’re on your way.
You can use the “viral” premise in more than marketing.
Did you ever want to see a movie and not gone because a really good friend of yours said it stunk? No amount of money put into jazzy advertising promotions for a movie can overcome a bad word-of-mouth review.
I once got a message from a friend of a friend that forwarded a “huge virus!” warning to me. I looked it up and it was a hoax. I wrote back and gave her the link showing that it was a hoax, but by this time all of my friends and their friends and their co-workers and their relatives were all freaking out and forwarding the virus warning to all of their other friends and relatives and co-workers – this is an example of a way to go viral through e-mail (no pun intended).
On a similar note, when I was a kid there was always the occasional chain letter that I would get in the mail (with no return address) – “Pass this on to 10 friends or you will die at midnight in three days. Don’t break the chain!”. (Do they send these in the mail anymore, or just through e-mail? I digress.)
And of course the traditional rumor mill from anywhere – be it work or your personal life – is always interesting (whether it’s good or bad), and can be spread very quickly to a lot of people. Whatever the rumor is, that’s the viral message being sent out to everybody.
You get the idea. If it’s viral, it spreads. Viral marketing is an awesome “word-of-mouth” technique that can promote many things. And with good strategy and a great message, viral marketing can be very profitable, indeed.
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Adgitize - Start the New Year off right erning extra cash - Join Now

         ADGITIZE ME                                                                                                                                     Make sure you have updated your Profile with your payout information so You can get paid...

If you qualify for a payout and we don't have your payout information we will not be able to pay you.

One criticism of banner exchange programs (such as EC and Adgitize) is that members drop by your blog only to earn click credits. I do understand this concern. But here's the way I see it:

*For a brand new (or obscure) blogger, any form of traffic is better than getting just a handful of hits a

*If someone visits my blog and has no incentive to stay, that's my fault--something is lacking in my content.

In other words, EC and Adgitize do a pretty decent job of bringing extra traffic to your website. But high quality content is what will keep readers there, and that is your responsibility.
With the promotion going on many members surpassed the $10 threshold for payouts. If you have not received a payout but think you should, be sure and notify us using the Contact Us link at the top of the page

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Publishers definitely ROCK at Adgitize!
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Start Making Money On Line this New Year join InBoxDollars Now

       Start the New Year off right by making money on line be sure to join inboxdollars. You can make money at home with inboxdollars and you can do it at your own pace. All you do is read the e-mails they send you and thats it each day you will be making money. So go and check it out and see if its for you. You have lots to gain and nothing to lose so go now and click on the link below and join now. I did!! I have been with them for over a year and still continue to stay with inboxdollars. The extra money I make from reading their emails helps me alot.
If you want to earn some cash then click on the link to and join as soon as you do you earn five dollars and as soon as you earn thirty dollars you can request payment home. Go and see for yourselves you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. This is the best pay per click I have come across I joined and have already been paid twice and all I do is read a few e-mails each day. Its that easy. thanks

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Be Sure to Leave Your Comments! Also be sure to subscribe to my feeds and Follow Me on Googles Friends connection Recommend @lilruth to @MrTweet on Twitter

Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to Copy Files and Folders to a CD

                                                                                                                                                                                            If your computer is equipped with a compact disc (CD) recorder, you can back up files or folders to a compact disc-recordable (CD-R) or a compact disc-rewritable (CD-RW). This article describes how to back up files or folders to a CD-R or a CD-RW.
To copy files and folders to a CD:

Insert a blank writable CD into the CD recorder.

Double-click My Computer, and then click the files or folders that you want to copy to the CD. To select more than one file, hold down the CTRL key while you click the files you want.

Click any of the following options:

Copy this file

Copy this folder

Copy the selected items

In the Copy Items dialog box, click the CD recording drive, and then click Copy.

In My Computer, double-click the CD recording drive.
Windows displays a temporary area where the files are held before they are copied to the CD. Check that the files and folders that you intend to copy to the CD are displayed under Files Ready to Be Written to the CD.

Under CD Writing Tasks, click Write to CD.

After the CD Writing Wizard starts, follow the instructions in the wizard.

When the process is finished, the wizard displays a check box for you to choose to create another CD like the one you just made. If you want to create multiple copies of the same CD, click Yes, write these files to another CD and insert another blank, writable CD into the CD recorder. Follow the instructions in the wizard. NOTE: After you copy files or folders to the CD, it is useful to view the CD to confirm that the files are copied.
Back to the top

Delete CD recorder temporary files

To delete files and folders from the CD recorder temporary storage area:

Double-click My Computer, and then double-click the CD recording drive.
Windows displays a temporary storage area where files are held before they are copied to the CD. Files or folders located in the temporary storage area are listed under Files Ready to Be Written to the CD.

Under CD Writing Tasks, click Delete temporary files.
Windows deletes the files and folders from the temporary storage area and moves them to the Recycle Bin. NOTE: When you delete the contents of the temporary storage area, you make this area available for another set of files and folders that you want to copy to the CD. The files are not deleted from their original location on your computer or from the CD.
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Times are Tough and Penny Auctions exposed

Times are tough and every penny counts. Some people are taking that idea to a new level through auction sites where pennies could get you a camera or even a laptop.
If you are willing to wait for a great deal, penny auctions are a great solution to saving a few bucks. There's an online penny auction based in the metro that's growing by the day where you can bid on everything from gift cards to MacBooks.
The Nevada company started just a few months ago and it's gaining popularity.
Think of it as an online auction but you're bidding by the penny. And even though each bid costs 49 cents, you can still grab a good bargain because it can save you from paying the full value of an item.
"My best deal was MacBook Pro for $19.62, took three hours to get through, but definitely worth it," said penny auction user Joseph Bruschie.
Another customer got a $300 digital camera for only $50.
But we here at Penny Auctions Exposed are a little skeptical and aren't sure that we've seen any real proof that these online penny auctions are such a great deal. So we decided to put these websites to the test. What better way to find out the truth than to conduct our own study?
To get started, I have been using normal online auctions regularly for the past 6 years so I volunteered to be the guinea pig. I created an account at foopile. While there are a few penny auction websites online, is one of the most credible and trustworthy websites in the marketplace. They gave me 3 free bids just for joining and did not try to fool me into agreeing to additional hidden offers, purchases, or fees. Another reason why I chose foopile is because it is the most practical and easy to use website I found.
Here is what foopile claimed on their website...

•All Auctions Start at 1 Penny

•Each time you bid the item price increases

•The last person to make a bid wins the auction

•When a bid is placed, the timer increases

•If you don't win the auction, you can buy one full price and redeem your bids placed for full credit.

We were pretty skeptical, but wanted to find out for ourselves if this website could actually worked as it claimed and if we really could get a great deal.
Putting foopile to the Test

The signup was quick and painless and took me literally 10 seconds to get signed up.
In order to give myself the best chance of winning, I opted to buy their 250 bids package for $122.50 Update: On sale right now for $99
My Test - Try to win any auction on the site no matter the cost:
My Results
Day One
The first day I decided to go after one of the items which I thought would not only be a little easier to win, but useful as well.
A 100 Bid Voucher.
If you win, you get 100 extra bids added on to your account - great, I could use that to continue my test.
I waited for the timer to reach down to the 5 second mark and placed a bid. 10 seconds later another user bid above me. I placed a bid butler order for the next 10 bids, which seemed to go by pretty quickly. Okay - 11 bids down.
I decided to let a few other bidders battle it out for awhile until the price got up to $1. Thats when I set my bid butler for 50 bids.
About 20 bids down the road the other bidders gave up and I won! Great, 100 won bids by only using around 30 of my bids - what a deal.
Day Two
Today I decided I would go for something a little more active as far as bidders. An iPod Shuffle.
Again I went in with the idea of spending as many bids as I needed to in order to win the auction. And if I didn't win, then I would simply exercise my Buy One Now option.
This time I waited for the price to reach above $1 and also waited for bidding activity to slow to a crawl.. I put in a couple bid snipers, and when they started firing I knew that it was time to jump in. I set my bid butler to 100 bids and sat back to watch

72 Bids later - I was the winner of a new green iPod shuffle. That means that I got a $55 product for only $36 - sounds like a great deal to me.
Day Three
Now I was getting really bold. Today it was time to bid on something even bigger - I had my eye on an iPod Touch.
This time I waited until the price reached $2, then started placing a few bids to test the waters. There still seemed to be alot of activity, so I set my bid snipers and waited. Eventually it reached $3, and the bidding was starting to slow. I jumped in and set my bid butler at 100 bids.
Another user apparently had the same idea and we got into what is called a 'bid butler war'. This is where the timer moves quicker because the bid butlers are bidding against each other. Normally the timer increases 10 seconds with each bid, but a butler war it only increases 1 second per bid
Needless to say the 100 bids went pretty quickly. I placed another 100 bid butler, then another 50 bid butler after that. After getting to that point and still not winning, I decided that my best option was to use the Buy One Now.
So in the end I ended up getting a product worth $184 by spending $184 - not a super deal, but I certainly didn't lose anything.
Day Four
Today I decided to purchase a 1000 bid pack for $490. This was mainly because there was a new iMac on the website worth $1800 that would look great sitting on my desk. So to start off, I had about 1075 bids to work with.
Once the counter reached down to 5 seconds it was like a feeding frenzy, people were bidding like crazy - sometimes it seemed that 10 bids where hitting at exactly the same time. Definately not the time for me to start bidding - so I waited
The price quickly got to $10, and the bidding slowed down a bit but not by much. I set my bid sniper in case I snoozed too long while I was watching the auction and missed out.
The price got to $20, then $30, then $40. Thats where the bids started to slow down and I decided it was time for me to jump in. I set a 100 bid butler and watched it go, then another, and another. 300 bids down.
I played normal bidding and bid snipers for awhile - price reached $50. I put in two more 100 bid butlers.. 500 bids down.
600, 700, 800, 834... WIN
I had to do a double take - I couldn't believe I actually won an iMac at a final auction price of $67 + shipping, plus about $400 worth of bids. So for an $1800 iMac, I only had to spend $500. Now if that isn't a steal, I don't know what is!
I couldn't be any happier with the results.

I spent at total of $700 and received products valued at over $2000, plus I still have 200 bids left over.

Conclusion Like us, here at Penny Auctions Exposed, you might be a little doubtful about getting a good deal from a site which may seem too good to be true. After conducting our own personal study we are pleased to see that people really are getting great deals if they stick to their guns and bid to win (myself included :) )!
Good Luck with your auction bidding,
Source:Jennifer Huggins- Consumer Reports
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blogging Tips - Your Mouse

           Say friends sorry I had been away for some time but as I have been teling you al my computer is old and at times it just crashes and does not want to work for me anymore so I have to jiggle this and jiggle that and move this wire here and mover that wire there and turn it on and off and keep messing with it until finaly if Im lucky it will turn on again and start to work again even tho it takes about 10 minutes just to change from page to page and this takes some patience on my part but here Im once again with all of you so I do hope you all missed me and even tho I was gone you all still stopped by and visted with me and read some of my older posts in the mean time. So keep in mind if I do not Post at least every other day that This old computer is having one of its tantrums again and I have to do all the fixing myself even tho I do not know what Im doing for Im not a tech. But I can not afford to get a real tech in here to come and fix it for me, now you understand why I hope you all will want me to post my blogging tips and tid bits of other stuff for you and you will find it in your hearts to click on the donations buttons and give me some small donation to help me save up to get enough to finally get this old computer fixed OR maybe there is one of you outthere who will make me very happy by donating enough money , so that I can finaly get me a NEW COmputer??? WOW that would be a blessing and it would be a wonderful CHristmas present to give to me!! Don't you all want to give me a Christmas present? Id hope some of my friends would get together and donate enough money for me to get a new computer for cHRISTMAS.. wELL i WIL NOT GIVE UP HOPE AND IF i DO GET ENOUGH DONATIONS GIVEN TO ME TO GET THIS COMPUTER KNOW i WILL POST and tell the world here at DotBlogger that I was given donations to buy a new computer I would talk about it on all of my posts.  So come on my god dear friends help me out I would not ask you all for this Christmas Present if I really did not care to share my insights and blogging tips and friendship with you all. I don't want to stop blogging so help me out... NOW  let me get back to business..................................................................   I'd heard before that Windows 7 would be incorporating mouse gestures, but aside from the Aero Shake and Snap features, I haven't been able to unearth anything else.
Until today.
So the next time you want to access the jump list for a program in the taskbar, do this:
Click on the program's taskbar icon once, hold that click and slowly drag up.

...and there's your jumplist!
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sign on to save Headaches - Blogging Tips

 Find the latest answers to computer problems on the Internet. First, brush up on your web-surfing skills i. Then visit Microsoft's special Web page at for help troubleshooting Microsoft products. If you need assistance with hardware or software made by other companies, look for an Internet address and then visit the manufacturers online.                                                                                Call for help. Once upon a time, telephone technical support was free. Now, having a live person talk you through a computer problem may cost a heft fee. Before you place that cll, try other ways of troubleshooting, read the manuel, check out the Windows Help system, visit the manufactures web site, or call the dealer who sold you the product.  If your still stuck, read the fine print in the computer paperwork to find out if you get free telephone tech support, or if you have to pay. Be prepred to tell the technician basic details about your computer,especially the part thats giving you the problem. With so much help available, no matter what your problem, you'ss never be stranded for long.  Hope this will save you some Headaches. Now be sure not to leave here without signing in to my Googles Friends Connect Follow Me and show your our friend here. Also I hope you will subscribe to my readers Feeds . Thank you Lilyruth                                                                                                                                                                            Be Sure to Leave Your Comments! Also be sure to subscribe to my feeds and Follow Me on Googles Friends connection Recommend @lilruth to @MrTweet on Twitter....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gagets can help your Blogging

         Blogging may not make you a millionaire, but there are a whole lot of folks who are making a decent living off of their blogs. Blogging about a topic you are passionate about can be very rewarding and could end up opening new career doors for you. But it is not as easy as it sounds. Many bloggers spends many hours everyday to write blog posts, track leads, moderate comments, and network with other bloggers. If you run a successful blog, it is very easy to run out of hours in your work days. That's why you should use very tool and gadget available to help you lower your work load and get more done in less.
Blogging can be a tough business.  So it is essential to use blogging gadgets that give you a hand during your work hours. In essence, you should look for gadgets that give you:
access: you can't blog if you are not connected to the Internet. You should always have an Internet gadget handy to update your blog when you have to.
convenience: you don't want to carry a rocket with you. You want a gadget that is easy to use and convenient.

portability: sometimes one gadget can't do it all. By using gadgets that are designed for a mobile life, you can take more gadgets with you without too much trouble.

power: if you are a podcaster or a video-blogger, you want a gadget that allows you to produce decent content on the go.
Gadgets such as Kindle or Flip HD allow you to get more done in less time. You can use Amazon Kindle to research online and read books while you are on the go. Flip HD is an ultra portable camcorder that provides video-bloggers with the ability to shoot videos while they are on the go.
There are many gadgets for bloggers on the market that are shiny and "cool" but do not actually help you get more done. Your goal is not to buy new toys to play with. As a blogger, you should be concerned about growing your business, and that could involve you traveling a whole lot each and every year. By choosing the right blogging gadgets, you can get more done and be smart about it at the same time.
Looking for more gadgets for bloggers?

There are many gadgets that can help you get more done every day. Look for gagets that can help you become a better blogger.
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Earning Money at Home

                Earn money at home using your computer Blogging.  We're not talking huge money here, but every little bit helps.
It takes a lot of work to make a profitable blog, and I'm far from an expert on this. I'll probably never be an expert because other aspects of my life are far more important to me.
But I will say this--the whole idea of making money through a blog is just super-cool to me. Maybe I'm just easily amused.                                                                                                                                                                  Be Sure to Leave Your Comments! Also be sure to subscribe to my feeds and Follow Me on Googles Friends connection Recommend @lilruth to @MrTweet on Twitter...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Make Money On Line with Adgitize Ads

AdgitizeAdgitize your web site.
Some persons may know already about Adgitize, the Network with World Class Advertising on a Blogger's Budget (only 14 $ for one month, exposure on 1.500 member blogs!).
Here are some tips to get more out of this traffic and money making program:
How to get more or even all points daily?
You get points for publish one quality article each day. No matter how many blogs you add, you only get 100 points for one article (if you have two blogs and publish on each a post, you don't get 200 points!)

Advice: Publish daily ONE article!
There are at the moment more than 120 advertisers active in Adgitize. If you want to reach the 100 points for each day, you have to click on 100 ads that are available by "chain-clicking" the members web pages. When you reached 100 advertisers, the number 100 will show up (there are steps between already like 5, 10, 15, 25, 40, 60...)!

Advice: Click daily all available ads!
Increase your Page and Ad views with the help of Entrecard. If you join Entrecard, you can drop cards on other blogs. Usually most of the members drop their cards back on your blog which means you get additional traffic. This increases your Page view and Ad view points in Adgitize and gives you some more comments and followers for your blog!
Double your Ad views by publishing two Adgitize Ad Groups on your blog/website. You are allowed to show 10 ads. So you can choose one single ad group and another group would be with nine ads. Or you can choose different ad groups but in a sum it should be not more than 10 ads!

Advice: Put two times the Ad code on your blog!
Advice: Advertise with Adgitize and get 100 additional advertising points (50+ visits/clicks on your ads are needed)!
There is no fixed price for the points. The amount of your earnings is depending on the daily available amount from the advertisement revenue from Adgitize. There is no guarantee that these number might be the same in the future!
Here are some figures which have been published by the founder of Adgitize, Ken Brown and from my own experience:
0 to 99 points: 0.01 $

100 to 199 points: 0.02 - 0.03 $

200 to 299 points: 0.15 - 0.28 $

300 to 400 points: 0.30 - 0.50 $

400 to 500 points: 0.51 - 0.88 $
How easy can it be to achieve more than 200 points each day to earn a decent amount?
Look at my advice list and you see that you have to do only two things daily!
Publish ONE article on your blog - 100 points
Click all available ads - another 100 points
Get more traffic/page views
100 points are available when you get daily around 10.000 page views
Advertise on Adgitize and get the spent money one month later back:

Like you can see, you can earn around 35 to 60 cents more each day when you would advertise (and visit other blogs + blog yourself each day), this would mean you earn 11 $ - 18 $ more each month. And one month advertisement is just 14 $!
Find referrals for Adgitize and earn additional up to 5 $ for their first advertisement and if they prolong their advertisement, you will get 1$ for every monthly renewal!
I have a special offer for Entrecard members:
You will get
500 ECs for joining Adgitize (putting the code on your blogs) and

If you decide to advertise with Adgitize
you will get 3 $ via paypal (after approval from Adgitize)
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Make Money On Line Working From Home

                                                                                                                                                                            Breaking News: Mom makes $379/day Working From Home
Mom said to be making as much as $379+ a day working online from home using Google’s simple sponsored ad program.  Is working from home next the gold rush?

For Katie Matthews it sure is. Katie, a regular mom from Orlando, Florida is now thriving, in the middle of an economic recession working from the comfort of her own home.
Katie said: "I earn about $379/day on average working on my laptop at home in my spare time.  I just post ads on Google which takes about a few minutes but you have to have lots of traffic from of-site clicks or visitors who come visit and support you. So if you wish to try Google ads and see if they work for you then give it a try Who know you may be earning lots of money in a few months.. But it may differ for different people and different blogs!

But Katie's life wasn't always so prosperous. Her recent employer, a well-known insurance agency, did some downsizing and let her go.

Her husband James now became their only source of income, which they both knew they couldn't live on. That is why Katie took the job at the insurance agency to begin with. They needed extra money and they needed it fast.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Refill your Ink Cartrige and start saving Money

                                                                                                                                                                       Now you can buy a refill kit that can be bought from the market for a very low cost and you can refill the ink cartridge yourself. The refill kit for such ink cartridges are equipped with the proper instructions on how to refill the cartridge and do not require any special skills. However be careful when selecting your refill kit try to buy one that has been made especially for your printer.
The ink can be refilled in a matter of minutes as the kit would be equipped with enough ink to last you for a few refills, a syringe to inject the ink into the cartridge, a tool to help you remove the top, gloves and the requisite instructions. Some people using this refilling kit for the first time would be worried but be rest assured as it is very easy to refill the ink yourself. Do not make the mistake of using ink that is not compatible with your printer as this could cause permanent damage as the ink may stick to the printer resulting in color distortion.
You also can take your empty printer ink cartridge and get it refilled at a local retailer that specializes in ink cartridge refills as he would ensure that you get the right cartridge refill...Walgreens also refills ink cartridges . Even though refilling the cartridge by yourself would not cost as much  you might still miss out on the finer points, but even getting it refilled from a local retailer would save you a lot of money, sometimes as much as 70% of the price of a new cartridge
By getting the cartridge refilled and not buying a new one, you are not only doing yourself a favor by saving money, you are actually helping the environment by reducing the amount of garbage that goes into landfills each day. The main raw material used in the manufacturing of these printer ink cartridges is non-biodegradable such as plaster and that takes several years to disintegrate
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Facebook co-founders give $170K to pro-pot measure

                                                                                                                                                                                         SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California's ballot measure to legalize marijuana has a new friend: Facebook co-founder Sean Parker has given $100,000 to back the proposal.
Parker's donation was reported in Proposition 19 campaign finance filings this week.
And he's not the first big Proposition 19 donor with ties to the social networking site. Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz has made two donations totalling $70,000, including a $50,000 contribution last month.
Neither Parker nor Moskovitz are still with Palo Alto-based Facebook, but both still have ownership stakes. Recent estimates put the value of the privately held company as high as $33.7 billion.
"What's interesting here is that (Parker) is a member of the generation that really gets it," said Stephen Gutwillig, a spokesman for the Drug Policy Alliance, the main beneficiary of Parker's contribution. "We think he's pivotal to the future of drug policy reform in the country."
The 30-year-old served as Facebook's first president and helped transform the company from dorm-room project to big business. Parker and Moskovitz have become household names since the recent release of "The Social Network." The film chronicling the contentious origins of Facebook was No. 1 at the box office last week.
Pop musician and actor Justin Timberlake plays Parker in the movie, which portrays him as a hotshot who convinces Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to push out his friend from the burgeoning company.
In a recent Vanity Fair profile, the media-shy entrepreneur is described as a computer-programming prodigy with an uncanny knack for anticipating online trends and a penchant for designer clothes and partying.
At age 19, Parker helped develop Napster, the music-sharing software that turned the recording industry upside-down. He is now a partner at Founders Fund, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm.
Parker did not immediately respond to e-mails seeking comment.
About $1.5 million of the $2.4 million raised so far in support of Proposition 19 has come from the measure's main sponsor, Oakland medical marijuana entrepreneur Richard Lee. The only other six-figure donation not from Lee came from adult entertainment entrepreneur Phil Harvey, who gave $100,000.
Parker's donation came shortly after the Yes on 19 campaign committee reported having meager cash on hand heading into the final weeks before the election. The money from Parker and Harvey went to a separate committee to fund the Drug Policy Alliance's work on behalf of the measure.
Much of the money will go toward a get-out-the-vote campaign targeting young voters and voters of color, Gutwillig said.
Facebook recently came under fire from some marijuana advocates who claimed it was turning away advertising on the site in support of Proposition 19. Facebook said in a statement that company policy prohibits images of drugs, drug paraphernalia or tobacco in paid advertising but that ballot measure supporters were still free to advertise using different images.                                                                                                                                                             Be Sure to Leave Your Comments! Also be sure to subscribe to my feeds and Follow Me on Googles Friends connection Recommend @lilruth to @MrTweet on Twitter....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blogging Tips on bringing more traffic to your Blogs

                   There are probably people out there who want to read your blog--maybe thousands of them. How do I know this? Think about it—at any given moment, there are millions of people online. Chances are, some of them are interested in what you have to say (or write, or post). I’m assuming, of course, that you are posting high quality content.

But what if you have no advertising budget for your blog? No problem! Here are some free methods you can use to get more traffic to your blog.
1. Social Networks:
Most of you are members of social networking sites (such as myspace, facebook, friendster, etc). If not, you should be. This is one of the easiest ways to get your core group of readers started. Just announce your blog or post your updates in shout-outs, bulletins, etc. Those in your network already have some kind of connection to you (even if they are just “chat mates”), so many will take the time to read your blog.
2. Blog Directories

If you look down on the right side of this blog, you’ll see all of the blog directories I’ve registered with (such as
Blog directories help you in a couple of ways. Your blog will get hits from those searching the directory (especially from other members of the directory). In addition, adding your link to a directory helps improves your blog’s ranking in search engines (SEO).
Most directories only require a reciprocal link or banner. The registration takes a few minutes, but it is a worthwhile investment of your time. Once you get registered and put the banner on your blog, the work is over. The directory does the rest—most of them will list your recent posts in the directory.

3. Forums/Message Boards
There are multiple online forums for every imaginable topic. Find a few that are related to your blog’s topic and join. Many forums allow you to put your blog address in your “signature.” Many allow you to post links, especially if you post an article that is related to the discussion. Just be sure to follow the forum’s rules and do not flood it with irrelevant links.
4. Entrecard

Entrecard is basically a banner exchangeservice. You earn nd use credits which are used to buy banner ads on other users blogs....
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Google has an URL Shortner

It’s called, and according to Google it has several advantages over competing services. Here is a quote from the Google announcement .
There are many shorteners out there with great features, so some people may wonder whether the world really needs yet another. As we said late last year, we built with a focus on quality. With, every time you shorten a URL, you know it will work, it will work fast, and it will keep working. You also know that when you click a shortened URL, you’re protected against malware, phishing and spam using the same industry-leading technology we use in search and other products. is connected to your Google account, so it will track clicks for you automatically.

Check it out if you haven’t yet.
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Gmail’s Priority Inbox: Will You Use It?


On Monday morning, most of us sort through endless mounds of email trying to identify which ones to read first based on the subject line or who it is from. What if there was a way to teach your email inbox to sort your email automatically? Google thinks it might have the answer...

Last week, Gmail introduced the Priority Inbox, which basically helps you identify which messages are most important. You have to teach it by marking items as important and it will begin learning how to prioritize your email for you. Then, those messages will appear at the top of your inbox, marked as priority.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tiips on how to speed up your website

    The load time of websites is one of the most important factors affecting its usability; most Internet users will just skip a site altogether if it fails to load within a couple of seconds. Below you will find tips on how to spped up your website.
Optimize Images: always use the “Save for the web” feature included on image editing software. Images represent the heavier load on virtually any website so make sure you are optimizing them. Alternatively you can also turn to an online image optimizer.

Image Formats: apart from optimizing images it is important that you choose the right format. JPEG format is suitable for photographs or true-color images. The GIF format should be used with flat-color images like logos or buttons. PNG works very similar to GIF but it supports more colors.

Optimize Your CSS: most websites are designed with CSS nowadays. Make sure to aggregate and clean your CSS. CleanCSS is an online tool that will merge similar selectors, remove useless properties and remove the whitespace from your code.

Use a Slash on Your Links: when a user opens a link on the form “” the server will need to figure what kind of file or page is contained on that address. If you include a slash (/) at the end of the link the server will already know that this is a directory page, reducing the load time of the site.

Use the Height and Width Tags: many people forget to add the Height and Width tags on image codes. Those tags will make sure that the browser knows the size of the image before loading it. The result is that it will reserve a spot for the images while loading the rest of the page, speeding up the whole process.

Reduce the HTTP Requests: when opening a web page every object (images, scripts and the line) will require a round trip to the server. This latency can add several seconds to the load time of your site. Make sure to reduce the number of objects and to combine CSS files and scripts together.

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